At Smartcat, we strive to become better versions of ourselves and work with talented people who share this vision.


We choose to be engaged, and we believe that engagement is a choice. It’s not something that you achieve or acquire on a given day or within a certain amount of time. Instead, engagement is an ongoing process that takes individual effort and commitment.

When we choose to be engaged — whether we’re writing code, outlining content, talking to customers, or handling payroll — our work becomes our passion. And that passion, when shared with like-minded individuals, results in concrete, positive wins for the whole company.

What does it mean to be engaged in Smartcat?


We act fast

We act as one sheer force, with no internal barriers or bureaucracy, without waiting for “consensus” — which we see as just a way to avoid responsibility. Instead, we expect commitment to act even if we agree that the solution at hand is suboptimal.

We make things happen before we make them perfect, breaking up large projects into small, daily wins that, over time, add up to huge leaps forward.

We grow as individuals and as a team

To achieve our mission of transforming the way an entire industry operates, we have to become a billion-dollar company — something that cannot happen without the ambition and personal growth of each and every one of us. As a team, we support each other. If we see someone struggling with a problem, we make it our problem.


We love our customers

We’re in it to make our customers achieve their goals. It means we listen to them closely, take their needs seriously, and give them long-term, sustainable solutions. It also means we’re not afraid to challenge their opinions and push them to approach their problems with new perspectives, because we believe this is the foundation of an honest, transparent and empowering relationship.

We crave feedback

We are careful to provide an environment where feedback, opinions, and ideas from anyone are welcome. Feedback is not the same as criticism. Whether we’re giving or receiving feedback, the goal is to give actionable advice that helps us make better decisions and reach our goals together.


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